Labial Reduction


There are many variations of 'normal', and some of these variations might not be very comfortable. Many women are unhappy with how they look and feel. If you are one of the many women who feel uncomfortable by the way they look, you need to do something about it.

Sometimes you do not know who to talk to. A friend? Your family doctor? 






Well, if you need to do something about it, then for sure you need to talk to a physician. Family physicians are usually busy and might not have enough time to counsel their patients about 'cosmetic' procedures. And, since it is a personal decision, and you have decided you want to know more about it, then talk to one of the experts who might help you have the procedure done.

We all come in different colours, shapes, and tones. Sometimes we need just a bit of an adjustment to feel perfect. While there is no standard for what would be judged as ideal, we all have our internal feeling of what we want to look like. 

If your large lips are causing you discomfort with sports gear, swimsuit or other similar types of clothes. Or if they are causing you to feel uncomfortable with cycling, soccer, jogging. yoga or other gym activities. Or if they are in the way of using tampons or personal hygiene. More still, if they are causing discomfort or embarrassment during intimacy, you need to do something about it. 

​And there is nothing wrong with that. Just like those women who feel they look better and feel more confident with increasing their breast size a little bit, the option of labial reduction rests more on how you feel you want to look. What will make you feel more comfortable within your own body. What will make you feel more confident about yourself. 

​And do make note that cosmetic procedures, (and more so this procedure) is all about you. How you feel and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Do not feel embarrassed to talk about it to our doctor. And do not feel you have to do it because someone pressured you to have it done. 

There is no standard of beauty. All the women in the picture above are beautiful, each in her own way. If you decide you want to have surgery done, make sure you are doing this because you wanted to have it done. Because you will feel more comfortable and confident. 

Take your time. Think about how you feel, and if you want to know more about the medical aspects about it, do not hesitate to contact us for a medical evaluation and advise.

While we do take before and after pictures for procedures we perform, we are a bit hesitant sharing these pictures on the internet. Many plastic surgeon may share some of their pictures, more so in the US. We prefer to keep these pictures private. 

​We do have a gallery of before and after pictures that we may show you during the consultation process. These pictures will show you some of our results, But we stress the fact that each person will heal in a different way. So, we use these pictures just as guidelines to explain the procedure. Personal results will vary. 

Depending on the 'before status', procedures can be done in a few different ways. 

Sometimes if the issue is just one 'tongue' of tissue on one side, this is a straight forward removal technique. More commonly when there is excess tissue on both sides, a wedge technique is needed. In any case, we try our best to get a symmetrical shape at the end of the procedure. Using fine plastic surgical techniques, scarring us usually very limited and it is hard to see the surgical scar after the procedure.