There are some variables that will dictate how much these procedures will cost. The pricing structure is the same.

Variables include if it was a full labial reduction procedure (on both sides) or if it was just a 'tongue' of extra tissues on one side, how much time do we expect the procedure to take. Did we use general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia, etc. 

​The procedure range is between 3500 CAD for local anaesthesia and up to 4800/5200 CAD for a general. 

​Laser procedures are rarely done under general, so their price remains at the 2500 CAD mark.

Consultations are free. (some locations where we work may charge a no-show fee of 200 CAD).

​If you are interested and not sure if you can afford the full price before hand, you can  get pre-approved for financing your procedure. 

How much do these procedures cost?

Labial Reduction. General Anaesthesia

Similar to IntimaLase, is a laser treatment for women who have urine leaking issues. Also done as an outpatient laser procedure with no need for freezing.

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G Shot


We offer a wide variety of cosmetic gynecological procedures. Visit our Cosmetic Gynecology Site 

Click on the Health Smart Financial pic below. This will open a new page where you will fill in your confidential information. You will get an answer instantly.  

​Please note that this pre approval is specific to Dr Abdel Hadi, and is not transferable. 

​The process included a credit check.

Health Smart Financial is a reputable third party that specializes in financing health and medical related procedures. 

If you apply for pre approval and use the Health Smart Financial ink below, please remember to add HST ​(The government insists !)

​Example: 2500 +13% = 2825 CAD

You can split payments and have a portion paid cash and the rest through financing. All balances are expected in full before the date of the procedure, please. 

If you get pre approved, we receive an e-mail confirming your approval amount. Please remember to book an appointment with Dr Abdel Hadi, and to mention your pre-apporval status. In all cases, you are not charged until you come in person and had the procedure done.



Labial Reduction. Local Anaesthesia


Laser treatment to the vagina to enhance intimacy (and hence the name). Both female and male partners have reported more fulfilling and intense sensations after the procedure. It is done as an out patient procedure and does not need any freezing as it is not painful.

Also called Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

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For those who are too anxious to have the procedure done while they are awake. We can put you to sleep for a short period of time, (the duration of the procedure). This will need to be done in an accredited surgical suite or hospital. The cost is higher than if done under local anasthesia.

It has been quite a while since we last needed to put someone to sleep for labial reduction. With our careful and meticulous technique, we are able to perform most procedures under local freezing. 

If you really need to be put to sleep, we will have this arranged for you. There will be some added cost for sure, to cover the added This is needed to cover the added facilities and personnel involved.

The most popular and common of our surgical procedures. 

It is done as an outpatient procedure. Usually tolerated very well, with most women feeling minimal discomfort. We like to see you before the procedure to explain the surgery and talk about how to minimize the pain during and after the procedure. We do recommend the use of some local numbing cream before the procedure.  Results are excellent.

All procedures are done in accredited and approved surgical suites or hospitals. The vast majority of our cases are done under local freezing and are tolerated well.

G spot Augmentation or G Shot is a technique by which your gynecologist injects special substances in a precise are of the vagina. It is believed to enhance sexual intimacy during intercourse.

Surgical procedure for women who need more tightening than laser can offer. Usually after childbirth. Will usually need to be done with some sort of anasthesia as this is a full surgical procedure.

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